Sunday, 29 April 2012


It is almost two weeks since I wrote about time lapse photography.  That was when I declared my intention of taking a picture of the view from the bedroom window every day with the intention of joining them in a slide show to illustrate the changing seasons.  Since then we have had, I think, two mornings when it has not been raining or foggy - and on one of those it was still rather grey.  Nonetheless, I have religiously taken the daily picture and I am just hoping that the weather lords will smile on me again eventually.

Although it was grey first thing on Friday, the day turned out to be very pleasant and I thoroughly enjoyed a walk on the Downs in the afternoon.  I parked by the Upper Lodges to Stanmer Park and walked northwards across the field running alongside the Ditchling Road.  From the first field, this was the view looking west.  I watched the farmer sowing that spring wheat (probably barley) a few weeks ago - the picture can still be found here.

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Stephen Hayes said...

I love the velvety shadows cast by the clouds. This picture gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.