Monday, 30 April 2012

Busy day

Not just busy, but it's also a bright, sunshiny day - I've been keeping my eyes open for flying pigs but have not yet been lucky enough to spot them.

So, what's on the agenda to keep me so fully occupied.  First, I must find time to go to the local newspaper's office to place the ad for the Lions book fair to be held next Saturday.  This is a regular event on the first Saturday of the month but I have yet to work out how to place a recurring ad in the paper when the date in the ad changes every time and the publication is on the Thursday and Friday before the first Saturday of each month.  Nor can I do this online.  Still, it does give me a reminder to check the collected specs at Asda as I have to park in their car park.  The newspaper has no parking facilities and there are double yellow lines all around.  Asda has an optician's in-store and they collect spectacles for recycling by the Lions.

Then the Old Bat has her hairdresser coming round so we have to have lunch early so that I can walk the dog in time to go and collect my granddaughter from school.  This evening I am part of the Olympic squad.  No, not the London Olympics.  This is a series of social evenings organised by our local Lions Clubs with various "sporty" themes.  Tonight's sport is pub games so we get three for the price of one, as it were - darts, pool and shove ha'penny.  I'm in the shove ha'penny team.  There is a meal served - lasagne and garlic bread - so that will save the Old Bat cooking as she is coming with me.

To get back to where I started - the weather - today and possibly tomorrow are providing a very welcome break from what has seemed like incessant rain.  This was the view of a neighbour's sycamore tree yesterday morning.  Special effects by the Weather Clerk- Photoshop not required!

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Stephen Hayes said...

Enjoy that sunshine. You don't know how long it will last. Take care.