Thursday, 2 February 2012

The time has come

It is now almost two years since I agreed to take over once again as webmaster for the Lions District. I say "once again" as I had already done the job for three years and been relieved, only for my successor to, well, really to give up on the job. I had great difficulty in getting any information from him such as where the site was hosted and how to gain access to the host server. In fact, I never did manage to do that and in the end I just gave up and launched a completely new site on a different server. Designing that site took me a long time and I was not too unhappy with the outcome, except that I needed input from other district officers. Despite direct requests to some and general requests to all, there has been almost no input apart from that I have written myself. I really have neither the inclination nor the time to keep nagging so, as the title perhaps infers, the time has come for me to call it a day. When I get back from France the district convention will have come and gone and the 1st Vice District Governor will officially be the District Governor Elect. That will be the appropriate time to write asking him to find a replacement for me.


Stephen Hayes said...

It sounds to me like you saw this coming, but it's always a disappointment when people let you down.

Uncle Skip, said...

I bet you'd have heard from any whose information you had wrong. It amazes me how so many people think information just magically appears on a website