Friday, 3 February 2012

Slater's Top Totty

Having no bons mots of my own today I was pleased to discover a report in the morning rag which caused me no small amusement. I have many ancestors who were involved in the licensed trade, ranging from a 7 x great-grandfather on my mother's side who was accused - some 300 years ago - of selling beer without a license to, on my father's side, a great-grandfather publican who is reputed to have drunk himself blind. I suspect they would have as amused as I.

It seems that in our House of Commons there is a bar which features guest beers. One of the recent guest beers was Slater's Top Totty, a blonde beer.

As you can see, the pump clip features a buxom blonde wearing rabbit's ears, a bow tie and a bikini. The beer is described as"stunningly seductive! A voluptuous variety of hops with a fruity, fresh finish". Most people, I am sure, would regard that as a bit of harmless fun. No so, however, one Kate Green, MP, who told the House, "I was disturbed last night to learn that the guest beer in the Strangers' Bar is called Top Totty and there is a picture of a nearly naked woman on the tap." The beer has been withdrawn from sale in the Strangers' Bar.

My view is that Ms Green needs to get a life and find a sense of humour. But I bet Slater's web site is getting a lot more hits and sales of Top Totty will go through the roof! The brewers will have the last laugh.


Uncle Skip, said...

Just out of curiosity, I Googled Slater's Top Totty. Your post came up in the number three slot.
Good work for not having anything of your own to post

Stephen Hayes said...

Sometimes I wished I liked beer, even though I don't need the calories. There is something about the taste of hops that I don't like. I just stick with the hard stuff.

Buck said...

I did some googling, too: Kate Green, MP. And... SURPRISE! She's a Labo(u)r MP. Who'd a thunk it? ;-)

Liberals: The Perpetually Offended.

Buck said...

Ooops. My last should read "Lefties." I forgot you have a Liberal Party.