Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lucky me

Wowee! What an exciting day! Breakfast, wash up, walk the dog, coffee, check email, take the Old Bat to the butcher, the supermarket and two other shops for Christmas shopping (that involved fighting through the roadworks which seem to be paralysing Brighton at the moment), lunch, take the Old Bat to the surgery for the nurse to do the vampire act and take blood, walk the dog, coffee and - at last - I get a few minutes to read other blogs (and maybe write a few words on mine) before my meeting with the Housing Society general manager, after which I'd better iron those shirts that went through the wash this morning... Who says a woman's work is never done?

And there was no Bovril in the supermarket, but the whole world and his wife was!

I wonder if I will have any deep, philosphical thoughts tomorrow?


Buck said...

Your day is not unlike mine, BP. There's no Bovril here, either. ;-)

Stephen Hayes said...

Days are made of simple things. If suddenly you were unable to perform any of these chores you'd feel adrift. Enjoy each moment.

Uncle Skip, said...

We have no Bovril, either

Brighton Pensioner said...

The words I wrote yesterday were unnecessarily negative. It wasn't the number of different tasks involved, nor the routine nature of them, that I found a drag. In fact, I positively enjoyed walking the dog if not exactly the others. What dragged the whole thing down was fighting through the traffic jams and roadworks.