Sunday, 4 December 2011

Shopping list

It seems ages since I last enjoyed Bovril on toast. Heck, it doesn't just seem ages - it is ages! It's probably even longer since I last enjoyed a hot Bovril drink.

Perhaps I'll buy a jar when I do the shopping this week.


Stephen Hayes said...

I've heard of Bovril but I've never tasted it or even seen it on the shelves of our grocery store. It's just one more of life's experiences out there waiting for me.

#1Nana said...

It's one of those odd English foodstuffs, isn't it? My family never developed a taste for it. Do they still make it?

I'm always surprised when I run across an English food item from my Lyles Golden Syrup.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Oh yes, Nana. It's still made - as are Marmite and Gentleman's Relish.