Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This and that

When uploading today's picture on the Stanmer blog, I noticed that I am using 43% of my space. What, I wonder, do I do when I have used 100%? Will I be able to "borrow" somebody else's? Not every blogger uploads pictures so they don't all need that space. Will I just have to register again with Blogger under a different name and then start a new Stanmer blog? When will it happen, anyway? I reckon I must have another three or four years-worth of picture blogging before the crunch comes so maybe I won't have to worry.

I was, as I said, uploading a picture and I commented that it seemed appropriate. I had quite a tussle deciding just which adjective to use. Then it dawned on me that fit, apt, appropriate, meet, right, proper, correct and suitable are all synonymous - or very nearly so. Is there, I wondered, a larger collection of synonyms?

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