Wednesday, 25 August 2010

There's always one

I usually manage to avoid attending, but this year I was too slow with the side-step and unable to avoid agreeing to go. I really should be there by virtue of me being the treasurer and company secretary but I do find it a bit of a bore. It will be held later this morning - the annual meeting for the tenants of the Lions housing society. Many of the tenants don't bother to go either. Some of them tell our manager that they can't see the point of having the meeting. If they have any problems they let her know and she sorts them out. That, of course, is very pleasing - even if it is only what should be happening anyway. But some tenants do come along each year - one in particular. And what's more, he always has something to complain about or he knows better than anyone else what should be done and how it should be done. According to him, he is closely acquainted with the Royal Family, he has been a builder, an electrician, a chef, a surgeon, a pilot and just about anything else that takes his fancy. And he's bombastic with it. It wouldn't be so bad but... No, I mustn't say any more or I could be accused of slander as anything else would give away his identity.

I suppose I'd better go and get ready for it.

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