Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Who stole summer?

Summer seemed to vanish at the beginning of last week. Although the mornings started bright and sunny, albeit a little on the cool side, by midday the sky had usually clouded over to bring a rather dreary afternoon. Until Saturday. On opening the curtains on Saturday morning, I discovered that most of the world had vanished, as you can see on Fern's blog. We were smothered in low cloud and, although it did lift at times, the sky stayed 10/10 cloud all weekend. Yesterday started out just the same: cloudy skies and the occasional spats of rain or drizzle. But in the late afternoon the cloud disappeared and the sky turned a bright blue. In the soft, evening light the fields were back to a brilliant green as the shadows grew longer and the valleys darker. Even doing the washing up seems less of a chore when this is the view from the kitchen window above the sink.

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