Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Lions day

Apart from all the usual things (walking the dog, going to the library etc) there are a number of Lions activities to be covered today. For a start, I really should write our monthly letter to Joe. This is an activity that has been arranged between Brighton Lions and our twin club in Maryland, Freedom District. Each club has "adopted" a severely ill child in the other country and we write or send a postcard on a monthly basis in the hope that it will brighten up the recipient's life a little.This month I will tell Joe a bit about the inside of the Royal Pavilion.

As this is the first Saturday of the month, our regular book fair is being held this morning. I can't get there to help set up, but I will go down a bit before noon to help clear away. If we get enough hands it only takes about 20 minutes of hard labour.

Then this evening we have of 59th charter anniversary dinner. This is a formal affair - DJ, bow tie and all. I have managed to get all the menus printed in time, which was something of a feat as I only had this week to do them. Each one is individual as they act as place cards as well so names have to be printed on the front. The inside has the individual's choice of menu printed (partly as a reminder) so the mail merge application comes in very handy. But what takes the time is the actual printing. I have learned that it is unwise to try putting a stack of card in the printer and just going for it; each sheet has to be inserted separately (twice: back and front) or things go very wrong with overprinting, blank pages etc. Tonight's guest speakers are the Council Chairman Elect, a past governor of our district, and the Mayor.

Here are pics of the menu, although the real things have more white space around the edges. Maybe I do say it as shouldn't, but I'm pleased with them.

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I agree that white space enhances.