Wednesday, 7 April 2010

We're back

After another very enjoyable Easter on the farm, we are back home with no plans to go away again until the end of May. We met up with my cousin Hilary on the way to Somerset and had a most pleasant pub lunch with her. Unfortunately, her husband was unable to be with us as he had a job interview to attend - job-hunting as he has just retired from the army and doesn't feel that he can fully retire just yet.

Surprisingly, neither the Old Bat nor I are fully recovered from whatever it was that we have had. I walked the dog as usual this morning but, much to my alarm, I found that I was too weak to do the usual walk without taking a rest on a bench in the park halfway round. It really is a pain, but with luck I should be back to normal in a few days. If I'm not, I will just have to give in a see the doctor.

An early lunch today, then we must attend the funeral of the wife of one of the Lions, with a Lions dinner meeting this evening.


Uncle Skip, said...

Sorry you're feeling whipped.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Must be getting better - I managed the walk this morning without taking a rest.