Thursday, 8 April 2010

Peter James

One of the advantages(?) of having felt so poorly while we in France was that I was able to get a lot of reading done, including three books by an author who was new to me but who had been recommended strongly. So, this is not a review of one book but of three.

Peter James is a Brighton-born author who (I believe) still lives at least part of the time in the town. He has written a good many books, but has lately taken to writing novels in the crime genre. These are set in and around Brighton, which adds to the interest for me, and follow the career of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, who is based in the CID office just a mile from my home. The plots of the three I have read (Dead Simple, Not Dead Enough & Dead Man's Footsteps) are sufficiently intricate to keep one's interest, and the sub-plots, of which there are several running from one book to the next, are equally intriguing.

Interestingly, I found one geographical error in each book, although I accept that one of them may be ascribed to poetic licence. Having now been lent James' latest title (Dead Tomorrow), I shall read it closely to see if I can find another error!

But joking aside, these are well-written, fast-moving novels that will bear reading a second time and I am happy to give them five stars.

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