Monday, 10 August 2009

Diamond Geezers

So I've made a start on the history of Brighton Lions. I've ploughed my way through every available issue of the club newsletter, every club directory, every carnival programme and sundry other files and made copious notes by way of research. I know there are other files to read through as well, but in the meantime I have tried to make a start writing it up. I was immediately faced with a decision to make: what form should it take? Should I try for a narrative, or be content with lists of what was done each year? If I went for the narrative, should it be (vaguely) chronological, or should I allocate a chapter to each of several main subjects, like membership, carnival, service activities and so on?

In the end I plumped for chronological narrative, but it's difficult to avoid being repetitive and I have the nasty feeling that the end result will not be very readable or entertaining. I will just have to scribble away (on a keyboard?) at a first draft and then try to cut and polish so that it might, if I'm very lucky and work hard, turn out as something I don't mind putting my name to. No - I'll rewrite the last part of that sentence: something to which I don't mind putting my name.

I have (as anyone reading this might guess) already decided on the name of the finished work.


Uncle Skip, said...

Feel free to ask for editing help

Brighton Pensioner said...

I might very well take you yp on that but I will have to get it at least part way readable first!