Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another fine spring day. Round the Roman camp this afternoon, where I was delighted to find primroses and violets in bloom.

I visited the Brighton history centre this morning in an attempt to find out more about Madam's grandfather, who went under two different names. I expected nothing and that's what I got.

Carrion crow or rook? I remember from the days when I was a bord watcher ('twitchers' hadn't been invented then, it was so long ago) that rooks are gregarious birds, while carrion crows tend to be solitary. Furthermore, although they are much the same size, and both black, the rook could be positively identified by a small white patch at the base of its beak. I must try to find out why none of the rooks I have seen over the last couple of years or so has had that white patch.

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