Friday, 6 February 2009

This could be an interesting site

I have discovered the Library Thing and have started loading my books. I'm not making my details or list public until I've tried the site for a while and decided whether or not it is of any use.


Uncle Skip, said...

My hand got a cramp when I saw they charge for over 200 books. 8-)

Brighton Pensioner said...

I didn't notice that, but since I don't own 200 books it wouldn't bother me. I borrow most of what I read from the public library, and clear out my own books every now and then. The Lions' book fair benefits, and I also buy some from there.

Uncle Skip, said...

My book ownership varies from time to time because I clear out a majority of the paperbacks and donate them to the thrift shop. I would venture to say that there are a few more than 200 on the keep list. I, of course, have to organized them before I could even begin to think about cataloging any.