Friday, 6 February 2009

It's been a funny sort of day.

Walk the dog for an hour, quick coffee, off to the opticians for another hour (new glasses needed), check email, lunch, walk the dog for an hour, quick coffee, take Sheila to physio (2 hours), check email, and generally update things, dinner, prepare Lions' book fair, home for coffee and maybe read the paper before bed! But the good news is that Sheila has improved to the stage where the physio can do no more and it's all up to her now. If she wants, she can check back in a year's time. It seems that when she started her physio she could stand on one leg for just one second but now she can do it for ten and a half.

1 comment:

Uncle Skip, said...

That is good news.
It is amazing what a positive attitude can help accomplish.