Tuesday, 3 February 2009

That's quite enough of that, thank you very much

Thank goodness the temperature has been above zero all day and the snow is going fast. Our buses started on one (shortened) route yesterday afternoon about 2.00 and other services were gradually brought back, but even this morning there were some services still not covering their full routes, although everything is back to normal this afternoon. We are told that this is the heaviest snowfall in Britain for 20 years or so and I can well believe it. I will be quite happy if we don't have another like it for another twenty years! I know that people in places like Switzerland or Moscow would laugh at the way England grinds - or slithers - to a halt when we have just a few inches of the white stuff. But it doesn't happen often enough to make it worth while having snow ploughs and other expensive machinery on stand-by, so we just grit our teeth and hope for the best.

Fern didn't waste any time when I let her down the garden before breakfast yesterday and she was so unhappy about the snow - which reached her armpits - that I didn't take her out at all. I missed the fresh air and exercise but have made up for it today. As well as walking Fern twice for an hour each time, I also walked to the newspaper office (half an hour each way) to place the ad for the Lions' book fair this weekend., and spent nearly another hour clearing snow off the drive. I'm shattered!

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Uncle Skip, said...

Let them laugh in Switzerland and Moscow. I'm with you about snow. It looks great in movies and on television, but I don't need it in my neighborhood. Up in the mountains is fine too. In fact, we could use some more right now.