Monday, 2 February 2009

Bright side? What bright side?

So much for the snow staying north of the Downs. It started yesterday afternoon while I was walking Fern and by about half past four a car was stuck trying to get up the road. This morning we have six inches, drifting to twelve, and south-east England is virtually at a standstill. Here in Sussex many major roads are closed, trains are severely delayed (there are none running at all in Kent), and we have no buses running in Brighton.

The bright side (well, brighter, or less dull) is that we have heat, light and food, albeit we are short of milk and potatoes. The milkman didn't deliver this morning so I will have to walk to the shop later and hope that they haven't sold out.


Uncle Skip, said...

If I didn't know otherwise, I would be guessing by now that you have taken off again.
Instead I am presuming that you and the missus are out playing in the snow?

Seriously -
Hope all is well.

Brighton Pensioner said...

The shop had no milk so we ran out. We also ran out of potatoes but had rice in the cupboard so all was well.

I've been playing in the snow today, but with the dog rather than the missus!