Friday, 31 October 2008

A whole week away from the world - wonderful! A little gentle work in the courtyard, training the wisteria up the wall and so on, and one bedroom redecorated. But this gave plenty of time for reading: one book about the history of the olive tree, another which was the diary of a civil servant during WW2, started Dorothy Wordsworth's journal, plus a couple of light novels.

Drove home yesterday through snow between Laval and Le Mans - in October! There was enough for the snow ploughs to be out. Barry had obviously been working hard on the bathroom while we were away, but last night was just a quick wash at the kitchen sink. With luck he will have the shower fitted today so we will be able to try it tomorrow, but there will still be the hand basin to install.


Uncle Skip, said...

Bathroom remodels are truly one of the most disruptive of all home improvement projects. I'd put them ahead of kitchen remodels.

Welcome back. You were missed.


Brighton Pensioner said...

Hey! How about that? Somebody missed me! Thank you, kind friend.