Thursday, 2 October 2008


The forecast last Sunday evening was that we would have rain pretty much all this week - and today is the third successive sunny day! Which reminds me that I never did note the result of my little experiment to check the accuracy of the forecast for Monday last week. All of the different forecasts were about right - sunny spells, although it might have been more accurate to say sunny with some cloud. The wind was certainly light and from the north-north-east, so they were right about that. But the temperature was not as high as the BBC and the Met Office had predicted, although Accuweather was not far out. So Accuweather gets the prize.


Uncle Skip said...

We're still hearing from virtually every conceivable weather reporting source that there will be rain by tomorrow evening. There's definitely been a change in the atmosphere.
I'm not offering any prizes because not one of the sources has provided a solution to the weather.


Brighton Pensioner said...

What makes you think I actually presented a prize?

Uncle Skip said...

Not me, I never thought that. I just said...

You know we could end up going on like this for days?