Thursday, 2 October 2008

I'm flabbergasted

To the Lions' dinner meeting last night, where the President presented us with a quiz sheet for our amusement. Amusement be blowed! The quiz consisted of a list of 20 phobias and we had to answer "Of what are these phobias?" I think maybe my Californian friend has fallen prey to pogonophobia (I'd never heard of it until last night), although I haven't. Some were not too difficult to guess (hypnophobia - frear of sleep; pyrophobia - fear of fire) but vestiophobia? Spheksophobia?

Then we discovered that there were another 20 questions on the other side of the paper! "To what creatures do these collective nouns refer?" A clowder of...? A bale of... (not hay, but turtles).

I amazed myself by getting the highest score - 13 out of 40.

Which is considerably better than the mark I gained in a chemistry exam when I was 14. I got 2%, or one out of 50 - and that was for getting my name right at the top of the paper! I dropped chemistry after that, much to the relief of the staff of the science department.

Vestiophobia - fear of clothing; spheksophobia - fear of wasps. A clowder of cats. And I didn't guess any of those three!

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Uncle Skip said...

When I first saw pogonophobia, I immediately thought of cartoonist Walt Kelly and his comic strip, Pogo, with its all time favorite line, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
I also remember that at least one character each month would say something like, "Friday the 13th is on Monday this month."
Anyway, I knew that I couldn't possibly suffer from pogonophobia, even if it has nothing to do with the comic strip.