Sunday, 12 October 2008

Let's look on the bright side

So all week the newspapers have been full of doom and gloom, what with banks going bust, stock market indexes plunging and even countries close to bankruptcy.

But hey, the sun has been shining all week, I'm still picking raspberries and tomatoes, even if the tomatoes do have to sit on the kitchen windowsill to ripen. It's not all bad news.

I sometimes think it must be pretty good to be a dog. No worries about paying the heating bills or council tax, fed twice a day (well, mine is), taken for walks to play with a tennis ball and/or other dogs, and a comfortable blanket to sleep on. Then I think how bored I would be. And not all dogs are treated as well as mine anyway.

1 comment:

Uncle Skip said...

The only real downside is going to the vet for shots