Saturday, 11 October 2008

Can you see the join?

I really can't remember just when I started writing what has turned into my other blog - Les Lavandes. It was something I did merely for my own amusement but there came a time when I hit a brick wall: something was stopping me typing another word, let alone a complete sentence. Was this that thing I had heard of called 'writer's block'?

The file sat there on my computer's hard drive slowly gathering dust, and there were times when I thought I should just delete it and free up some memory. I didn't do so - not because I'm vain enough to think that a publisher might ever be interested in it (I doubt that I could keep it going long enough to make it into the length of a book anyway) but because every no and then I found it amusing just to re-read it.

Then - heaven knows why - I started posting it on a blog. My system was to drip feed what I had written, thinking that by the time I reached what had been the end, I would have been able to write another chapter or two. But alas and alack, that has not happened.

Earlier this week, I reached the end of my prepared magnum opus. Since then I have been winging it and have disciplined myself to write a couple of paragraphs each day. There is one snag with this system - the lack of time to amend what has been written, to alter sentences and generally polish up the presentation. I wonder if anyone can see the join?

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Uncle Skip said...

Just keep writing. If you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed the difference.