Saturday, 17 September 2016


It is a good many years now since this family started to recycle our waste as far as possible. We kept paper and cardboard, glass and tins and, when it became necessary, loaded up the car and drove to a recycling depot. Nowadays, though, the council does the work for us, although Brighton & Hove has one of the lowest recycling rates of any local authority - and that was when the Green party ran the city!

Anyway, most homes in the city have two or more recycling boxes. These are just plastic boxes about 24" x 15" x 18" deep - not the wheelie bins that so many other councils use (although some parts of the city have them as part of a pilot scheme). In the first place, these recycling boxes had a string net fastened to one end, the net to be pulled across the top to prevent to contents blowing away. That didn't work too well so the council switched to supplying boxes with (loose) lids. But these lids blow off, so I always use a weight on the box for paper and plastic bottles, the glass not being likely to blow out of its box.

For a while, my paperweight was a length of 2 x 4 wood which I jammed inside the box. Then one day the recycling people took the wood as well as the paper, plastic bottles, tins and glass. I have no idea why they might have taken my length of wood as wood is not collected for recycling.

I then found a piece of broken paving slab which held down the paper very well.  Until that, too, was taken for recycling.

I acquired another piece of broken paving slab - but that was taken yesterday!

The mind boggles as to why they want pieces of broken paving slab!

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Sarah said...

We've had recycing boxes for a few years now but have never been given any kind of lid. SD has made wooden ones which we remove before putting the boxes out for collection - I just put the glass one on top of the other one to stop stuff blowing away,