Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fruit picking

I missed the few blackcurrants that ripened this year - and there were very few - and we have had no raspberries, chiefly because the man we have come in to do the heavy work in the garden strimmed the canes before they got going! there were, as usual, plenty of plums on the two trees but, again as usual, they rotted on the branch before they were ripe. We appeared to have a goodly number of pears, but when I looked this morning they were down to about a dozen. I have seen the jackdaws eating them only once, and a squirrel was dining on them one time, but quite a number dropped and I presume the jackdaws and squirrels between them have seen off the rest.

The summer has been too dry (now there's a novelty!) for the blackberries to swell to their usual size. Those I have picked have been only half the size of those we still have in the freezer from last year. But at least we are getting some.

The big success this year is the crop of crab apples. there was a time when I scooped them off the verge, having learned where there are two or three planted in local roads, but for several years those trees have had no fruit. Last year I discovered a new tree. New to me, that is. And I was able to collect a satisfactory quantity for the Old Bat to make crab apple jelly. This year the tree is smothered in fruit. I brought home a couple of pounds this afternoon and no one would know that I had picked any, such is the enormous crop.

As they say, you win some, you lose some. Or perhaps that should be you lose most but might win one - if you're lucky!


joeh said...

I had a crabapple tree years ago, never knew the fruit was good for anything...either way i'd be too lazy to make anything. The fruit hit the ground and man did it attract yellow jackets, and from the smell I think it fermented and those wasps were angry drunks.

Sarah said...

We have been overrun with Damsons, I've cooked and frozen them, turned them into jam and given loads away. We also did well with the plums this year after not having a single one last year. I haven't picked any blackberries yet, I've never been so late with them but I'm hoping that the rain we had last week followed by some sun will have plumped them up a little.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I, too, was hoping that last week's rain would help the blackberries along but all it did was batter them into submission!