Thursday, 28 July 2016

A world tour

A couple of days ago, Skip posted something about a driving route taking in all 48 contiguous states of the USA.  You check it out here if you like.  It reminded me that I have from time to time considered driving a world tour, but without leaving England!  I would visit:

  • Dunkirk and Gibraltar - both in Kent;
  • Holland - either in Surrey or Lincolnshire;
  • Waterloo in London;
  • Florence, Staffordshire.

I would then move further afield to:
  • Palestine (Hampshire);
  • Egypt - which is in Buckinghamshire.

Moving on still further, I would drop in on Bermuda (Warwickshire) before landing in North America and seeing:

  • Washington, New York and Philadelphie (all in Tyne and Wear);
  • Toronto, County Durham;
  • California, Norfolk;
  • Hollywood, Worcestershire.

I could scrape into Australia by going to Melbourne, Derbyshire.

If I was prepared to cross the border into Scotland, I might discover Moscow in Ayrshire.

Of course, the ultimate would be to end up in Paradise, Gloucestershire.

And by the way, Hell is not in England, it's in Norway.

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