Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mixed feelings

I had been dithering for a long time; should I buy a Kindle?  I know very few people who have bought one.  Or perhaps I should say there are only a few people I know who have bought one.  The general view among the owners seems to be favourable, but - like so many other people - I do like the look and feel of a 'proper' book.

Among the reasons for me to buy such a device are:

  • I have read almost all the books that I fancy in our local libraries;
  • I am too mean to buy real books;
  • and even if I did, they would very soon overflow my limited storage;
  • and in that case, I would be too mean to give them away.
  • And I had already discovered that it is possible to download some books FREE, GRATIS and FOR NOTHING!

Well, that did it.  So I bought a kindly-gizmo thingy last weekend.  And yes, it seems fine - so far.  But I still like the feel of a 'proper' book!


joeh said...

Plus you can make the print as big as you want!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I too like the feel of a proper book.
But I have definitely learned to adjust to the convenience of the Kindle.
Then I found out I can download the Kindle reader to the PC, and to my tablet and synchronize between them