Monday, 7 March 2016

Mad March Hares

All right, all right! I know they're not hares - and the picture wasn't taken in March either.  (They are summer flowers, not spring ones.)  But this is the picture for March on our kitchen calendar selected by the Old Bat.

I nearly told you that I have never seen a hare, but then I remembered that I have actually seen two: once in Cambridgeshire, out on the fens, and the other in France.  We don't, as far as I am aware, have hares down here in sunny (or silly) Sussex and this was the nearest we could get for the calendar.

It must be great to watch hares boxing, but, sadly, it is a sight that I am never likely to enjoy.

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Sarah said...

I'd love to see hares boxing but I'm not sure we have any around here either. Did you have the calendar made yourself? SD and I had some made by Jessops with photos that we took last year as Christmas presents and also for ourselves. Really good value and quality and such a lovely reminder of the places we had been.