Sunday, 21 February 2016

In, out, in, out, and shake it all about

David Cameron had his Neville Chamberlain moment on Friday when he returned from Brussels claiming to have won significant benefits for the UK in his tough negotiations with the leaders of the other 27 countries in the European Union.  It seems to me that it is all very well those other leaders agreeing compromises but they still have to be sanctioned by the European Parliament or commissioners or somebody.  At least, that is my understanding.  Or maybe it's my misunderstanding.

I have spent much of today ploughing through reports and comments in the newspapers, comments and opinions both in favour of our country remaining in the EU and those in favour of us leaving: Brexit, as it is dubbed.  We will now suffer four months of the same until the referendum in June.

What slightly bothers me - apart from the mind-numbing repetition that we will be forced to endure - is that so many people who will be taking part in the most important decision-making process this country will have seen in decades will not really be conversant with the facts.  I'm not over confident that I will be!  Let's face it; there are 28 members states in the EU (I think) and I would have difficulty in naming more than three-quarters of them.  If my knowledge is that badly lacking, what chance do I have of grasping the more intricate details of what is on offer now?

That said, my mind is already made up.

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Bea said...

Care to share your decision on the matter? As an American, I have no dog in the hunt, but am more than a little bit curious as to how this issue will shake out. I would only hope that whatever happens, the majority of Britons are satisfied with the outcome.