Friday, 29 January 2016

Weather forecast

Many moons ago I added a widget to this blog, a widget forecasting the weather here in Brighton.  That's it, over there on the right, looking rather like this:

Now, I can't honestly say that I take much notice of it.  Which might be because
a) I rarely look at the blog as a blog;
b) I tend to distrust weather forecasts; and
c) if I want to know what the weather will be like in the next hour or so, I look out of the window.
(Side note, a digression.  Did you notice that I wrote 'out of the window', not 'out the window'?  Dropping the word 'of' seems to be creeping into use more and more and is, I think a ghastly Americanism!)

But to get back to the weather.

I'm reasonably sure that after the late news last night, both the local forecast and the national indicated that here in south-east England we were due to get rain today.  And then more rain.  And strong winds as well.

Well, there was a shower early on, but I have walked the dog twice today and stayed dry both times.  Mind you, it is windy!

But looking at that picture above (or over on the right if you are reading this today), there are yellow warnings for ice and rain, an amber warning of snow and a red warning of wind.  There is no warning of fog.

I had to go out a short while ago - just round the corner to a fellow Lions - and there was damp in the air but still no rain, the wind is blowing a hooley, and the fog is coming down.  The forecast scores just one out of five.

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