Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Vulpes vulpes

That - vulpes vulpes - is an animal I do not like.

That's right - it's the fox.  Granted, it can be a handsome beast, and the sight of fox cubs playing on the lawn is a delight.  But - too often a lamb that was in the field one day has been gone the next.  And closer to home the local (urban) dog foxes and vixens have been responsible for disturbing my sleep.  It only takes a dog to bark or a vixen to yowl - and what a horrible noise that is - for our dog to start barking and wake me up.  Last night it was three times!

On the other hand, going back almost a week, the year started on a positive note as far as wild life is concerned.  Walking the dog in the park, I stopped to listen to a song thrush.  That was a delight in itself, but as I was trying to catch sight of the songster, I was distracted by a flock of blue tits.  Well, there might have been grat tits with them, but I saw none.  What I did see, however, was a bird slightly smaller than the tits and with different plumage.  A goldcrest.  I hadn't seen one of those for years.

(Both the pictures have been 'borrowed'.)

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