Monday, 31 August 2015

Bank holiday weather

Our little pigs in their tutus won't be getting their run out today.  As this is a bank holiday, the Minister for Rain is at work.  And how!

Last night, just as I was about to send Fern down the garden before she went to bed, the thunder and lightning started.  I sat reading for a while until I thought the storm had gone by, but Fern refused to go out in the rain.  I put her on the lead, donned a waterproof and wellies, and off we went into the dark - only for a flash of lightning to illuminate the garden, whereupon Fern dragged me back into the house.  Midnight saw me walking her down the road until she found a good spot on the verge to have a pee.

I woke during the night to hear the rain hammering down and when I finally shrugged off the effects of Morpheus, it was to hear the thunder once again.  But fortunately, by the time I was ready to take Fern for her post-breakfast amble, the rain had stopped and it held off long enough for us to walk to the park and back.


Jenny Woolf said...

Amazing how the bank holiday is so good for rain, breaking crowns on teeth, spraining ankles, etc.

joeh said...

I think when that lightening went off if I was walking the dog there might have been a joint pee.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I kinda wish our holidays would bring some rain.
There was a bit of a teaser on Saturday, where several isolated showers dropped as much as a half inch on nearby communities.
But nothing doing here.

The Broad said...

What a pitiful sight you must have been!