Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June is Bustin' Out All Over

So it was the first of June yesterday.  I walked the dog across the Downs in the afternoon, blown to kingdom come by the wind.  Most of the people I saw were wearing anoraks - and I almost wished I had dug out my gloves and scarf!  The car thermometer showed 11 degrees Celsius - low 50s Fahrenheit - and the wind chill factor would have reduced the "feel" by several degrees.

Leaving the wood for the last stretch downhill across the field, I could see the murk building over the Channel.  Less than five minutes later, as I was driving home, the rain fell so hard that the windscreen wipers, on the automatic setting, were swishing at double speed.

Flaming June!

Many years ago - and I'm talking more than 50 years or half a century - my then girl friend was very keen on those old Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals - The King and I, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel.  Her parents were just as keen as she and owned all the LPs of the soundtrack recordings.  LPs, remember them?  Long playing records that turned at 33rpm and which we played on the radiograms that were such important items of furniture in the lower middle class households!  This was long before the days of DVDs and even video tapes!

So, on the evenings when her parents were out and she was responsible for safeguarding her two younger sisters, said girl friend and I would play those old LPs.  We played them so often that I should be able to say immediately which musical any song came from - but I failed with June is Bustin' Out All Over.  For some reason, I would have said it is from Oklahoma when of course it is from Carousel.

Yesterday being the start of June, I did consider posting the Y/T video of the song - until I saw that it runs for eight minutes!  I didn't really think any of my readers would be likely to last that long - but hey!  If you are into R&H (as opposed to G&S or S&M) you can see the whole thing right here.

Flaming June!

Today we have gale-force winds and rain - and we still have the central heating turned on.  In June!

Did somebody mention global warming?


The Broad said...

Yesterday and today it's my winter raincoat with hood! Umbrellas are useless. But looking outside my window as I write this comment, it looks like blue sky is coming!

Brighton Pensioner said...

And it's much better here today!

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind but I was looking for picture of a radiogram that my family used to own when I was child (yes, I'm one of those people well over 50!) and this photo totally jettisoned me to my past as the radiogram is reminiscent of the one that stood for years in our front room (and I didn't know that it was a 'lower middle class' object!). So I'd like to use the photo for my own blog please. When Cilla's Any one who had a heart was released, my father went out and got it, and I played it, and played it, and played to my heart's content! Ah, were'nt those the good ole days.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Help yourself - it's not my picture!