Friday, 1 May 2015

What a mug

When we bought our French bolt-hole the plan was that it would be let as a holiday rental so we went for bog standard crockery on the basis that anything broken could easily be replaced by a visit to our nearest supermarket.  We bought six of everything - tea plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, cereal bowls, cups, saucers and mugs - even though the house only sleeps four.  We even bought a few spares which we hid away in the loft.  As it happens, only one of the cereal bowls has been broken - and, of course, the pattern is no longer sold.  I say "pattern" but the crockery is actually plain.  Or nearly plain.  Three of each item are yellow with a green rim, while the other three of each item are green with a yellow rim - all coordinated with the yellow and green kitchen!

Now, you may well think I'm a bit odd when I confess that I prefer to use a green cup or mug rather than a yellow one.  I'm sure the tea or coffee taste no different; and the coffee looks no different as I drink mine without milk.  (is it non-PC to say i drink my coffee black?)  But the yellow crocks cast a strange light on tea.  So I stick to the green.

At home, I have no favourite cup - but I do have a favourite mug.  The colour is just right for both tea and coffee and - most importantly - the handle is the right shape and size to be comfortable.

If all this seems a bit too much like navel gazing for your taste, I should tell you that it was only yesterday my attention was drawn to a survey which shows that 65% of we Brits have a favourite mug or cup.  I did say that this is a new survey, but I'm blowed if I can find anything about it.  All I can come up with is this report from 2009.


Sarah said...

I have different mugs for tea and coffee. I don't have a specific favourite mug (I used to but the cat broke it) but I couldn't drink coffee out of one of my tea mugs although I could probably drink tea out of one of the coffee mugs ...

Brighton Pensioner said...

We all have our quirks - even me!