Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It happens every year

The Council, in its infinite wisdom, planted a number of flowering cherry trees in the neighbouring streets. They are now grown to full size and look great when the blossom comes out at about this time each year.  But almost as soon as the trees are in full bloom, the wind gets up and cherry blossom petals are scattered like so much confetti.

The wind got up yesterday and we have had gusts of 60-70 mph both yesterday and today.

My car is in for service today and so I had occasion to drive along the cliff-top road with the car being blown about quite violently at times.  The sea looked very grey, with plenty of white horses.

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Sarah said...

Blowing a gale here too BP, I had to chase my wheelie bin down the road earlier. Hoping the apple blossom at the farm has survived!