Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Daily photos

There was a time when I posted a photo every day, a photo taken in or around Brighton.  This was because I became , well, hooked I suppose is the word, on the City Daily Photo idea.  I gave it up in the end because I was starting to take - and post - similar pictures far too frequently.  Here is one I posted four years ago.  It shows a concrete block known as a triangulation point.  These were placed around the country by the Ordnance Survey and used to make their maps.  No doubt they are completely obsolete now.  I pass this particular one quite often as it is sited on the ramparts of the Roman Camp, one of my favourite walks with the dog.


joeh said...

I wonder why they had to make it so big.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I've never measured just how big they are, nor can I find any information on the web, but I guess they stand about four feet high. This would be about the right height for surveyors to use as a base for their theodolites.