Sunday, 10 May 2015


I had this post drafted perfectly in my mind having been thinking it out as I walked the dog after breakfast, but do you think I can remember now what I proposed to write?  Of course not!

Anyway, I can't remember the last time I had a full English breakfast.  Or even a half English, come to that.  Cooked breakfasts just don't happen in this house.  There's no good reason why they shouldn't, except for the established routine which dictates that I take the Old Bat a cup of tea, then have my breakfast before I go back to help her get up and dressed.  If I were to take the time to cook bacon and eggs, the morning would be half gone before the OB came downstairs and it would be almost lunchtime before I took the dog out.

For many years, all I had time for before dashing off to catch the train was a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee.  And that habit has continued into retirement.  I have changed the cereal from time to time.  There was even a short while when I heated milk to make instant porridge, but I never did seem to get the right ratio between hot milk and porridge oats so I gave up and went back to the old cereal.

But when in France, it became routine for me to have toast and marmalade, using a supermarket's own brand sliced bread and their own marmalade.  It was during our last trip that I decided I fancied a change from my usual cereal breakfast, so when I next did a supermarket shop I lashed out and bought a sliced loaf before spending an inordinate length of time choosing my marmalade.  There is no choice in France.  Well, there is: take it or leave it.  But I had forgotten how many types of marmalade we have here in England:  Oxford, thick cut, thin cut, orange, lemon etc etc.  And several different makes as well.  Anyway, I have so far tried two different breads and two marmalades - and i still prefer the French bread and marmalade!

Maybe I shall just have to go back to cereal.  Or buy some bacon.


joeh said...

I love me my Orange marmalade.

Sarah said...

I'm a big fan of toast and marmalade but it has to be the dark slightly bitter stuff with proper bits of peel, I can't cope with shredless or sweet stuff. The best I've found is Sainsburys own, I think it's even better than the Oxford one for taste and it beats it hands down on price!

#1Nana said...

...or, just pick up some French marmalade next time you're in France! Stock up, they're small and probably travel well in a car.