Saturday, 11 April 2015

So that was Friday

I must make more of an effort to pace myself properly, bearing in mind that I am no longer as young as lissome as once I was.  The trouble is that I don't feel that way in my mind so I do have a tendency to overdo things - like this past week.

It's now two weeks since the Old bat was generous enough to pass on her cold.  Not that the cold itself was any problem - I shrugged that off in about 48 hours - but it seems to have morphed into something else entirely.  For a start, the arthritis came back with a vengeance.  Now, my arthritis is a bit funny-peculiar in that it moves around, so for the past couple of weeks I have been chasing the demon.  One day it could be that a knee and the opposing elbow refuse to work, then the next day the knee is better, but the opposite ankle has frozen and the elbow problem as shifted slightly to the shoulder.  Thursday I felt fine and spent just over an hour standing to mark up the scores at a skittles match between Brighton Lions and another local club.  Yesterday I needed a walking stick to get around.

We made such a sorry sight, the Old Bat and me.  She was using a stick and hanging onto me for extra support, while it was all I could do to stay on my feet!  Fortunately, things are better today.

And we won the skittles match.

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Suldog said...

Oh, God, between the two of us, we've been sick all April. I had a cold/flu/something nasty. I was over it for about two days when MY WIFE got something similar. A day later, I had it again. We're both still coughing and hacking, but less each day. Hideous. Worst Spring Ever (so far).