Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Signs of spring?

It was the morning of Easter Monday that I decided I had recovered enough strength to walk the dog across 39 Acres and up round the Roman Camp.  To my astonishment, a whole host of signs had appeared.  Every sign indicating a public footpath had been replaced.  Each lichen-covered, weather-beaten signpost like this
 and this

have been replaced with new, raw-looking signposts:

I know they will weather in time, but I have to wonder how much those new signs cost - and how many people actually need them?

As one approaches the place where the path leads over the golf course and up to the Roman Camp, this used to be the sign.
It has now been removed and replaced with a plethora of signs like these:

Presumably the golf course operators are trying to protect themselves from malicious litigation and the the name of Elf 'n' Dafty.

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