Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sea fret

This morning dawned bright and sunny and I decided that a stroll across 39 Acres and round the Roman Camp would be in order.  Yes, it was bright, but the breeze was still cool and I really didn't think that t-shirts and short-sleeved blouses were quite the right clothing.  After all, the temperature was still only 11 Celsius, and that without taking wind chill into account.  All the same, it was glorious walking across the field, hearing two skylarks and watching one of them as he spiraled higher and higher.

But what a surprise as I climbed up onto the ramparts of the Roman Camp and glanced over the city to the sea.  What sea?  Lying like a duvet on the English Channel was a thick (200 foot) layer of sea mist, which stretched into the city for about half a mile.  All around me was the bright green of the golf course and the yellow blooms of the gorse bushes in the centre of the Camp, while further across the Downs there was a faint greenish tinge to Stanmer Woods and the early yellow of the oil seed rape just coming into flower.  Give it a week or two and it should look like this:


Sarah said...

It's another beautiful day here too BP after a chilly start the sun is out and it's warming up. I may take Gus for a stroll by the canal after lunch. I hope the rest of your day is as lovely as the start.

The Broad said...

A sea mist like that is quite something to behold. Once experienced one on Cape Cod and several says later saw it still there from the window of the plane taking me back to the UK!