Thursday, 16 April 2015


I am pretty confident that I have said before how the OB and I never buy meat from a supermarket.  We are lucky enough to have two very good butchers' shops within easy reach, one in Brighton's Open Market (which isn't open to the sky as one might assume) and the other in a village just the other side of the Downs.  The shop in the village - Standean Farm Butchers - was set up by a local farmer to sell meat from his and other local farms, as well as local eggs and honey and so on.  The Brighton shop also sells local meat as well as meat from other sources.  Many a time we have been told exactly which Sussex farm was the source of our lamb especially.

We went to the Brighton shop this week and bought, among other things, a leg of lamb.  Coincidentally, the board outside announced: "Our local lamb supplier this week - Standean Farm".

Standean Farm

What is perhaps even more of a coincidence is that I quite often walk the fields of Standean Farm when taking the dog out.  Furthermore, it's those fields I look out on when I open the bedroom curtains.

That lamb in our freezer certainly hasn't travelled very far!

The view from the bedroom yesterday with High Park Wood on the horizon.


joeh said...

Mmmm...pass the mint jelly!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

What Joe said.

Sarah said...

I'll have mint sauce rather than jelly with mine please BP :-) - I do envy you your view, it's stunning!

Brighton Pensioner said...

I prefer the sauce to the jelly as well. And I agree, the view is tremendous. Adds to the value of the house as well!