Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can't think of a title

Well, here we are in the late mid-afternoon and I'm only just getting round to writing the daily splurge.  Although I'm pretty sure the temperature had dropped two or three degrees below freezing during the night, the day started with only a slight frost, quite a lot less than we had yesterday.  All the same, it was a pleasure to walk down through the woods on firm ground instead of sloshing through the mud that has been the norm most mornings recently.  It kept trying to snow and a lady I met in the park told me that there had been a blizzard on the M25.

(For those unfamiliar with our English roads, the M25 is London's orbital motorway, the English equivalent of the Washington Beltway and the Paris Periperique.)

I took the information about the blizzard with a healthy pinch of salt, knowing full well how the slightest flurry can quickly be transformed into a blizzard of Arctic proportions.  However, given that the M25 is a bare 30 or so miles north of us and the continued attempts to cover us in the white stuff, I decided to play things safely.  I had various errands to run, including a visit to the supermarket, and I decided it would be sensible to get them done in good time.  Of course, that meant that the threat of snow vanished completely!

Then I got sidetracked.  At a Lions dinner on Saturday I was introduced to a member of a neighbouring club who has written a book which he has published as an e-book with the sales providing an income to his club.  The suggestion was that I should think of doing the same with Lavenders Blue.  But when I looked for the Word version of the manuscript, I found it damaged almost beyond repair so I have been busy copying the various blog posts into which I had divided it and pasting into a new document.

I was also prompted to update the video I had produced some years ago telling what Brighton Lions do.  Calling it a video is, perhaps, a trifle over the top as it really was little more than a series of slides with background music and commentary.  So I started thinking about that as well, and discovered that I no longer had any software to deal with the audio.  That, quite understandably, led me to search the web and fiddle around generally.

Ah well, there's always tomorrow.  Except that tomorrow looks... Well, not exactly hectic, but the Old Bat is to have another CT scan in an attempt to discover what really is wrong with her - or rather, if what was wrong with her really is a lot better than it should be by now.  So maybe I won't get round to posting much tomorrow either.

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Sarah said...

No proper snow here either BP although the occasional flurry of sleety stuff. No frost overnight either but it's pretty chilly here this morning.

I hope the CT scan goes well.