Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tempus has definitely fugitted

Here I am, just sitting down at the computer, at half past tea-time - and I haven't even checked my emails yet, let along down the round of the blogs I like to follow.  It has just been one of those always-on-the-go sort of days.  By the time I had done the usual morning chores and walked the dog, it was coffee time, even though I should perhaps have been at the Lions book fair by then.  Not that it mattered me being a little adrift as I wasn't scheduled on the duty rota.  Once that was over and we had cleared books off the tables, we got a couple of production lines going, wrapping the soft toy lions, lambs and bears that we will be delivering to the children in hospital over Christmas.  Home again, an hour after lunch time, and by the time that was cleared away and the washing up done, the dog was getting anxious.  Had I, perhaps, forgotten that she usually has an afternoon walk?

And that has been my day so far.

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joeh said...

Another Latin scholar!

Brighton Pensioner said...

If only scholarship really were that easy, Joe!