Monday, 15 December 2014

Ready to go

Well, that's it.  I'm ready for Christmas.  I put the decorations up, brought the tree in, and checked the lights.  Wonder of wonders, they worked!  I strung them on the tree - and they looked lost.  I had bought the smallest tree I could find, but even so, it is bigger than we usually have and that string of lights is, well, just a little on the short side.  We do have a second string, but the Old Bat has vetoed their use for the last umpty years, that second string being multi-coloured.  She has insisted that the lights be all white.  Personally, I prefer the coloured lights, but who am I, a mere male, to argue?  Anyway, She Who Must (usually) Be Obeyed agreed: the string of white lights was just not enough.  So I got to test the coloured lights as well - and they worked, too!  Then I was even allowed to put the decorations on the tree - but only as the Old Bat handed them to me with instructions about their placement.

I don't know if it's a Mars and Venus thing - I've seen that suggested - but the Old Bat decides on a colour theme for the tree.  It might be red and gold or, as this year, silver and green.  That's why she prefers the white lights.  Me, I'm all for bunging on glass baubles of all colours, along with the coloured lights.  But perhaps I've just got no taste.

I even written all my cards (all four of them) and posted ours as well as mine.  (You will gather that I feel it necessary to send cards to some people that the OB has crossed off her list, plus a couple where she doesn't have the addresses.)  And I have ALL the presents bought.  I'm just waiting for my granddaughter's to arrive.  The nearest shop to have what she wanted in stock was 53 miles away so I went online.  I just hope it arrives in time.

Oh, there's just one present I have yet to buy - for the Old Bat.  But I know what I'm buying her.  It occurred to me as I was washing up yesterday evening.  Or, more specifically, as I emptied the washing up bowl.  That was when I spotted the split in the bottom of the bowl.  So I shall buy her a new one for Christmas.  And a matching draining rack as well.  Asda might be the cheapest place to get them.  I'll have a look when I do the shopping tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Ha ha, you splash out BP (pun intended).

My Christmas tree (which is multi coloured with every bauble we have ever owned on it) has just been knocked over by the kittens for the 2nd time as they tried to climb it - baubles EVERYWHERE!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Last of the big spenders, that's me. I remember when our previous dog was a pup and we had a young cat. The cat delighted in knocking the baubles onto the floor for the dog to chase. Absolute chaos!