Saturday, 27 December 2014

Odds and ends

I was given an Aston Martin for Christmas!  Not the latest model, the Rapide, but the DB5, as driven by James Bond in Skyfall.  Need I tell you that it was a model?

And in other news. We still have that hole in the pavement.  (I first wrote about it here.)  Every day, a gas company van has arrived.  And I mean every day: even on Christmas Day!  There was one day when two vans arrived.  The usual procedure is that the man driving the van (and his colleague if there is one) sits in his van for ten minutes or so, just watching the hole.  Then he gets out and looks into the hole.  Sometimes he will stick a tube between a couple of paving stones and pump it, drawing a little yellow circle around the hole afterwards.  He might move to several spots to do this before he gets back into the van again, sitting there for a while keeping an eye on the hole (to make sure it doesn't fill up of its own accord, I suppose).  He usually makes a phone call before driving off again.

You will have gathered by now that nothing very exciting is happening around here.  For which I am extremely thankful.

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