Thursday, 4 December 2014

Back again

I thought I might be able to sneak away without being missed.  I had, after all, scheduled a couple of innocuous posts to come up while I was away and I did think that they might be enough to hold the fort.  But I was wrong; good old Uncle Skip spotted my absence - yesterday, the day we came back.  The wine cellar (the cupboard under the stairs) is now stocked very satisfactorily for Christmas.  Although I did manage some gardening/maintenance while we were sojourning (now that's a great word!) at the other place, I am almost but not quite ashamed to say that I left with plenty undone.  But it was good just to leave everything behind for a few days, to spend time - possibly too much time - reading and to sleep late.  Now, of course, I have come back down to earth with a thump.  Today is just a catch-up day with emails, blogs, and some personal paperwork before heading out to the Lions' Christmas dinner this evening.  This is to be in the restaurant attached to the technical college with the cooking and waiting all done by students of the catering school.  Just to make your mouths water, here is my choice of dishes:
Glamorgan croquettes with red onion and chilli chutney
Roast turkey with sausage and bacon, cranberry stuffing, bread sauce and roasting jus
Christmas pudding with brandy sauce
Coffee with mincemeat and custard tart.

If last year's experience is anything to go by, this should be great.

Over the course of the last week . .   Nah, I won't bore you with the driving trivia.


Sarah said...

Dinner sounds delicious - have a lovely time!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I noticed on Sunday, but held back my concern.
I might have noticed sooner, but I, too, was away.

I guess that's the risk we take when we post daily.
We can't take time off without a comment from some busybody.

John May said...

I was getting worried. Was lining up the Brighton First Responders.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Sarah: It was!

Skip: You a busybody? No, a concerned friend.

John: Thanks! ;-)