Thursday, 20 November 2014

Now why did I do that?

I'm not at all sure quite why I foisted yesterday's post on my regular readers - all two of you - as I really know next door to nothing about the pepper Pot.  I know whereabouts in Brighton it is - roughly - but I rarely drive past it.  Or, indeed, anywhere close to it.  What put it into my mind was the fact that I had seen the top of it from a block of flats I was visiting on Monday afternoon.

It was a large block of flats; actually three interconnected blocks, each of seven storeys, a total of 108 flats of sheltered accommodation.  I was there to deliver an invitation to the residents of each flat to a pre-Christmas party the Lions are organising for some of the city's senior citizens.  This was not the first sheltered accommodation that I have visited recently, most with the same object in mind, but this was by far the largest.  It really brought home to me how little I would want to live in any sort of "retirement" complex.  I know that in many of them there are leisure activities organised: bingo (horror!) or art classes and so on, but I sincerely hope that I will never be reduced to having to enjoy endure such activities organised for me.

And just imagine being surrounded only by other old cronies!  I might not want to have screaming children ion the same room as me - well, not all the time - but I do enjoy living in a community of different ages, from toddlers to geriatrics, and seeing and hearing children at play.

If it ever gets to the old folks' home stage, just bring on the immobilon!


Sarah said...

As you know BP, I regularly write about things I know very little about but I don't see that as a reason not to write about them and, to be honest, you know a lot more about the Pepperpot than I do about decorating!

I with you on the preference not to be herded together purely on the basis of age although I do understand the reasoning behind it and for some, it may be a way of life they would choose, I just can't ever see it being for me.

Buck said...

It really brought home to me how little I would want to live in any sort of "retirement" complex.

That's my nightmare about life's end game. I'd rather take the nine mm/ .38 caliber cure than live out my last days in one of those places.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Unusually, I find myself agreeing with other people. Both Sarah and Buck in this case. Developing the theme, life is sweet and if people are happy, then ..?