Friday, 14 November 2014


It's bingo for me tonight.  Not playing it - I can think of little more boring than that - but calling for the old wrinklies.  Mind you, I've a feeling that some of those wrinklies are actually younger than me!  It's one of the Lions' service activities.  That being so, we charge the old ducks just 50p a game and pay out magnificent prizes - all of £3 for a line and (whisper it) £6 for a full house.  Then what ever they have paid is used for the prize money for the last, free game.  This can mean a payout of £30 or more for the house.

Which seems very small beer indeed when compared to the £1 million a couple I know have won on the lottery this week.  Even that sounds quite petty when you think that some people have won many millions, including one who scooped £108 million.  I think I could probably cope with a million, but a hundred million?  No thanks!

It might seem a little strange, but I would find it difficult to cope with that sort of money.  OK, so I would give some to each of my children - but not too much!  I would possibly splash out on a few things - but even after all that I'm sure there would still be more than £100 million left to give away.  And that's where the difficulty would come, deciding how to split that much money and which charities should receive how much.

As I was instrumental in setting up Leo House, which provides a hospice in the home service for children in Sussex, I should probably give them some.  Cancer research would also be a beneficiary, as would Macmillan nurses, but after that I start to get overload.  Still, as I never buy a lottery ticket, this is one problem I shall never have to face.


Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Gotta be in it to win it, BP. I must confess that a couple of million would make me feel a lot better and I'd be content with that. But, of course, I wouldn't turn more away... On another theme you raise, I have some good pals down the Ruptured Duck who do much good work for the elderly in our neighbourhood and refer to them as 'the wrinklies', despite the alarming closeness in age. Naturally, I'd never mention that - so keep it quiet won't you? Have a lovely weekend.

Sarah said...

I often worry how I'd divide my millions when I win the lottery - I'm not really sure why as I rarely remember to buy a ticket!

I always refer to our monthly bingo at the park as 'The Pensioners Bingo'although they aren't all pensioners.