Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Dull Men's Club

Yes, it really does exist, and to prove it, they have produced a calendar for 2015.  Featured in (or should that be on?) the calendar are:
  • the president of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society, who spends his weekends travelling around the country photographing roundabouts and turning his pictures into books and calendars;
  • a man who has sent the same Valentine to his wife for the last 35 years. The novelist, who designed the card himself, first presented it to wife in 1979 and has reused it every year since;
  • drain spotter Archie Workman, from Cumbria, who works as a lengthsman maintaining verges and ditches and watches out for unusual drains;
  • a man who has spent 30 years collecting more than 20,000 milk bottles. Every April he likes to spring clean his bottles which he houses in an 80ft museum in his garden.
  • then there is the man who has the world's largest traffic cone collection.  He began collecting in 1986 and now has more than 500 around his house.

And so on and so on.

OK, so many of us (most of us?) might think it a little odd - to say the least - to collect milk bottles or traffic cones but I'm sure many or even most of us do something that the world at large would consider dull or boring.  I have almost religiously kept records of mileage and fuel put into my cars for years - yawn, yawn - and a friend of mine has for some time been collecting model buses - yawn again.

The Dull Men's Club has its own web site here.


Sarah said...

A drain spotter? Seriously??

SD has quite a colletion of wheel and tyres (although he maintains he might need them some day ..).

I just collect till receipts and fluff ...

Sophie said...

I know a couple who takes pictures of these metal grids on storm drains...