Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tour information

Most bloggers will have heard of the Tour de France cycle race but many will not be aware that we in Britain also have a tour, not surprisingly (and not very originally) called the Tour of Britain. The penultimate stage of this year's tour ended yesterday in Brighton.  Let me give you a few snippets of what the Tour PR people had to say about Brighton.
Widely-regarded as Britain's coolest seaside city, Brighton & Hove is known for its cosmopolitan café culture and bohemian atmosphere. As well as a former royal palace, the city has a beachside prom, grand Regency crescents, city parks and the stunning South Downs National Park right on its doorstep. The Downs are now part of a new world Biosphere site, the first place in the UK for forty years to be awarded this prestigious accolade by UNESCO.
Brighton streets are awash with chic eateries and art galleries and The Lanes and North Laine area boasts over 500 independent retailers selling everything from bonsai trees to bongos, designer homeware and vintage fashion; all within a half mile radius. 
Attracting about 8.5m visitors a year, recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics confirmed Brighton as the most popular UK seaside destination for foreign tourists.
Museums and galleries mix with great shopping, stylish cafés, bars and restaurants, and the city has a glittering nightlife and arts scene alongside traditional seaside fun. 
Sounds a great place to visit, doesn't it?  And the accompanying video also makes it look good.

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Buck said...

The Second Mrs. Pennington and I did the tourist thing in your fair city a few times back in the early '80s, what with Brighton bein' a very easy drive from our house in High Wycombe.

That video fired off some long-dormant synapses... even though a lot of what I saw in the vid didn't exist in '80 - '83. Or maybe I just don't remember it.